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If your hard drive crashed, is clicking, was dropped or multiple RAID drives are offline, degraded or failed, turn your system off Now and
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Attempting to recover data from a crashed hard drive or failed RAID on your own with software may result in permanent data loss. Turning your computer, external hard drive or server off and on, hoping it will fix itself may make your data unrecoverable...

ADR Data Recovery recovers your data from crashed hard drives, servers, RAID systems, SSD hard drives, flash drives, camera cards and external hard drives. Recovery services include recovering digital pictures, QuickBooks, SQL, Documents, Spreadsheets, architectural designs, graphics design, original works, research, historical, regulatory data and more for Kansas City businesses and individuals...

When you've lost data, you want a company you can trust to recover your files and keep your data secure. Since 1997, we have led the industry in innovation by pioneering technological and logistical breakthrough's that many other data recovery companies have tried to copy. To do that, most data recovery companies engage in deceptive marketing practices designed to make you believe they are local and that they perform data recovery in Kansas City. They do this in order to get your to bring your hard drive or RAID to them, hoping you won't discover the truth.

Our labs and local service centers are real.
We don't use fake (virtual) business addresses like many other data recovery companies who claim to perform local data recovery in most major cities across the U.S. There are no data recovery services or staff at a virtual office. The address is real, but no physical space is allocated to a virtual office. It's a deception.

Companies who use virtual addresses just want you to think they perform recoveries locally so they can get your business. However, as soon as your hard drive is dropped off (handed over to the lobby receptionist), it is shipped by the building's staff to an office or lab elsewhere. This is a very deceptive practice, common in the data recovery industry. It is legal but not ethical, of course. Google the address you're considering taking your hard drive to, and if you find other businesses (you'll even find multiple data recovery companies using the same address and suite number) using the same address and suite number, you can bet that your drive will be shipped out of state and that your data will not be recovered at the location where you dropped it off.

To assist you in choosing the best company for your needs, here are some things you should watch out for and some key questions you need to ask.

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Every Day, ADR Data Recovery recovers data for Kansas City companies and individuals...From Quickbooks, Quicken, Pictures, SQL databases and Email to Research data, Spreadsheets, Documents and Original works and more. If your RAID failed or your SQL database is inaccessible, we can repair your RAID and recover your data, enabling you to maintain business continuity.

What You Can Expect When You Call Advanced Data Recovery...

  • We'll ask some questions to help diagnose how serious your hard drive or RAID problem is.
  • You'll get an exact price up front for both Comprehensive Service and Exhaustive (invasive) Service.
  • Up to 70% of laptop and desktop hard drives can be recovered for only $399 with our Comprehensive Service.
  • No Attempt Fees! If your data is not recoverable there is no charge.
  • We recover all internal and external hard drives, servers, flash drives and RAID Systems.
  • Best prices for recovering cell phones, iPhones, USB flash drives and camera cards. As Low As $199!
  • No Risk Guarantee! We guarantee to recover your data or there's no charge.
  • We pay the shipping costs to get your storage device to our full service data recovery lab.

ADR Data Recovery offers Kansas City clients free shipping to and from our lab Plus 24/7 emergency data recovery services for time-critical situations.

Types of Data We Recover From Hard Drives, Servers & RAID...

  • Financial Data: Quickbooks, Quicken, Peachtree
  • Digital Pictures and Photos
  • Databases: SQL, Access and more
  • Spreadsheets, Documents, PDFs, Powerpoint, Publisher
  • Graphic Design and Original Works
  • Emails, Contacts, Schedules, Tasks
  • Research, Historical and Regulatory Data



Advanced data recovery methods and high success rates ensure you get the highest chance for a successful recovery...
At ADR Data Recovery, our data recovery engineers and technicians use proven methods and state-of-the-art technology to recover data from virtually every type of disaster with an industry leading success rate. Every data recovery project is a unique challenge and each may require different techniques to restore your data. If any of your data is recoverable, we won’t quit until we’ve exhausted every effort to recover your files. We use the most advanced technologies—including our own unique, proprietary hardware and software methods—to restore your data. In fact, we’ve often been able to recover data that other technicians and data recovery companies have deemed unrecoverable.

We work at a hardware level on each data recovery project. This means that we’re able to recover data from even the most difficult situations.

Kansas City Data Recovery Services Include...

"I was beyond thrilled that ADR Data Recovery was able to recover CRITICAL financial files that were lost due to a corrupt file backup!" YEARS worth of data was returned to me in a very quick turnaround!"...
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Martha Halvorsen
Finance Director

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Hard drive recovery facts: Things you need to know to prevent data loss in the future and so you can make a smart choice about getting your data recovered now...

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